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Family music fair Benatska noc

The tickets for this event you can obtain at TICKETPORTAL.

Current ticket prices for this Musical festival “Benatska noc”  till Mach 31st. 2014.

One day ticket 1150 CZK

Permanent admission card for weekend 1 150 CZK
VIP ticket for 3490 CZK will get you free access to the headquarters tent, VIP bar, separate sanitary facilities, a welcome gift and priority clearance.

For purchase Click Here

Children age of 6 or under - Free of charge

Children age of 7 – 12 years - 100, - for whole festival 

ZTP/P, disabled person on wheelchair - Free of charge for whole festival,
Escort who’s name is in identity card - 100, - CZK

These tickets can be purchased only at the gate!

147 days
remaining until the start of the festival


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